Rob Gobel

I am a largely self taught Artist and have been painting for fifteen years. I have been fortunate to have been exposed to a wide artistic community of national and international  standing, which has been my training on the job so to speak. 

One piece of advice was “you don’t need a degree to paint, just the eye hand and  the heart”.    Well hopefully I listened !!  

I have exhibited widely in regional open exhibitions and won a landscape prize in 2005 at Thoresby, Nottinghamshire.

I have paintings in many overseas countries and these are mainly seascapes and landscapes usually in bright colours and in water based paints, inks and acrylics with pastels for good measure!  Mixed media painting done in “plein air“ from the boot of my car.  All weather painting provides a unique challenge but I think it puts you close to nature, light and vast open spaces and produces a more atmospheric art work.  

I think the this excitement is characteristic  in my looser drawn style influenced by my admiration of  some of the greats in artistic heritage.

Since 2014, I can take work to my home based studio in the Yorkshire Wolds where the tracks and fields and coastal areas give me such great subject matter.  Recent commissions were for the East Riding of Yorkshire Brass Band –                         

The local Parish Council have my drawings of key buildings and views of  Kilham in  the new guide opposite All Saints Church in Kilham.

I support the East Riding of Yorkshire Open Studios and have been a part of  private exhibitions for the  last five years at the Bridlington Spa,  and look forward to the Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre Exhibition in May 2017.

Rob Gobel